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Behind the camera

About me

When love moves you, all limitations disappear


Trained artist and creative at heart, graduate of marketing and public relations, photographer. I am an eternal traveler through life and I enjoy all its phases and processes. Acquired knowledge and skills are worth much more when there is a person behind them who is doing something out of love.

I love the elusiveness and playfulness of different moments in life. Emotions, wishes, dreams… are all translated into Momento, which is exactly that – playful and energetic, just like the moments we remember the most.

Momento Studio was born from a passion that has been a guiding thread through my life since I was a child. Photography is the second language I use to express myself in order to connect those small and big moments into a visual story and share it with others.

Sanda Uzelac

Why cooperate with me?

I am driven by love and passion. The desire to create moments filled with happiness in my life when I can share my passion with others and help them in their presentation. In addition to endless patience in capturing meaningful moments, I also think from a perspective as a marketer and I am aware of the importance of absolutely all elements essential for the successful presentation of your brand, services and products, as well as yourself.

Every day I try to be better than the day before. Guided by curiosity, intuition and adaptability, my understanding of personality in people I meet, happens easily. The desire to leave a mark in the hearts of the onlookers motivates me to tell stories deeper and bigger than what we think we might be. The interest in psychology and the empathy I grew up with are deeply ingrained in me and make it easier to release positive emotions from people around me in order to create something special and unique together.

Capture a moment

that’s gone forever

impossible to reproduce.