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What happens when you give in and decide to jump into the adventure of BRAND photography?

Ivona and Ornella are a real example of two young entrepreneurs who have been postponing their professional photography for a long time. But despite the huge doze of nervousness, they completely indulged into the new experience, and finally it happened – exactly what I strive for in my work – THEY BOTH HAD FUN ❣️

In Ello Salon in Škurinje, you will find Ivona, who, together with her colleague Ana, daily takes care of her clients hands and feet. In addition, she has the most gentle approach to depilation with wax and sugar paste. Time will fly by while you relax and once your treatment is done, you will leave the salon fresh and cheerful.

Part of the space is reserved for all of you whose hair is part of your personality. Ornella, who’se in charge of that part of the salon, spoils your hair by taking care of its health and prepares it for various occasions. Whether it’s formal hairstyles, braids and haircuts, tehy care for you hair using professional and specialized products.

Capturing passion with my camera