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Kristen Kiesow

I met Kristen in Spain during the Break fellowship program. She made many of us aware of the importance of a balanced and healthy diet, and what a dietician does. She amazed me with her charm, lively personality and love for sharing her knowledge.

She was born in the United States of America and currently lives in Hamburg, Germany. During the period when she worked as a registered dietitian specializing in restrictive eating disorders, she recognized the impact of diets on the eating habits of our society. She believes that diets do not work and is guided by the framework of intuitive eating and Health at Every Size (HAES). She combines this with motivational interviews and counseling skills to find individualized solutions. Through her work, she helps clients reconnect with their body, find confidence and establish eating habits in line with their lifestyle.

In addition to portrait photos, we designed the scenario and details included in the shots related to consultations and food, from preparation and chopping to a plate of pasta – because her philosophy is: “Drop the diet, discover the freedom of food!”

That’s why I’m interested in how you communicate with the audience? How and what services and products do you offer? What separates you from others and makes you recognizable? What makes your brand special and unique?

We get answers to all these questions through brand photography questionnaire, in order to cover all segments of your business!

This is how you connect with the rest of the world through your unique brand, build its recognition and invest in yourself!

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