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Being a designer is a very importance job today, especially when you are the designer of the entire visual identity, website and social media of a certain brand.

Anamarija has so far brought many brands to life, behind which stood an idea, a dedicated person and a great passion for what they do.

When I started to realize the visual identity, I wanted the logo and typography to describe me completely and for it to match my personal characteristics. That’s why circles symbolize wholeness, and the perfection of the shape was softened with imperfect lines of circles that abstractly and rhythmically arranged resemble the photographic lens, as well as the winding lines that make up my path, joining at the end and leading me to achieving my dreams. My favorite thing is that those circles were created in a moment when Anamarija drew them with her left hand, imitating the lightness and flightiness of typography, while keeping in mind the elusiveness and playfulness of different moments in life.

And she succeeded: she translated emotions, desires and characteristics into a visual solution. Carefully listening to my wishes, she created the complete visual identity of Momento Studio, as well as the website. Through the visual identity we laid the foundations for creativity and play, while through the website we communicated seriousness, professionalism and reliability!

Momento is exactly that – as playful and energetic as the moments we remember the most. 💫

Anamarija’s work exudes professionalism and creativity, and is presented in a very attractive way.

For this very reason, I photographed Anamarija in several locations, and in two days, so that we could convey her personality as best as possible. The photos were taken in the area of ​​Rijeka in order to bring the location closer to her clients, and we chose a relaxed and creative environment.

With several different outfits and locations, we have created a versatile gallery for different use.

Anamarija is now able to use these photos as profile photos, for posts on social media, on the website, PR articles, newsletter, and more. Also, since we created a very rich gallery, she will be able to use many of them to create reels and video content.

The goal of this photo shoot was to present Anamarija as a business woman and entrepreneur, but also to capture her creative energy and personality which helps her to create unique visual stories for brands.

The dream I’ve been dreaming since I was little, with Anamaria’s support, became real and tangible from the very beginning!

Capturing passion with my camera