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Simple Abalone

Danijela created her own little world from a dream that had been stored in a box under the bed for many years. She designed and created not only a fashion brand, but gathered a community that supports the same mission.

The material is linen, the production is made to order, and the values ​​of the brand… invite us to an almost forgotten, slower rhythm of living. It is a slow fashion and slow living brand where simplicity and freedom are the main words.

Dresses and kimonos are sewn from the finest linen, a material that allows our skin to breathe, while the brand is guided by the idea of buying less, but smarter and with heart.

Simple Abalone is a brand for women who choose themselves and who make a conscious decision to support a sustainable approach to creation.

“Linen is a natural material and the strongest antibacterial fiber. It is very airy and comfortable, yet at the same time it gives you a feeling of luxury.,,


We planned the photo shoot to last one day, but when creative souls come together, any time frame we provide for the creation process is not enough. Therefore, we planned two days of phoot shoot according to the selected locations and according to the time of the day.

On this occasion, we chose the locations outdoors in order to transmit connection with nature, feeling of lightness and freshness, and freedom of movement. The trip took us both days to beautiful Istria, where we went to various, unique locations that served us as an ideal scenery for relaxed and flowing, lifestyle photos of dresses and kimonos on the model.

We realized once again how important planning a photo shoot is. This gave us time and flexibility when choosing a location and date, as well as the collaborations with which we completed the outfits. When planning the first photo shoot, I suggested Danijela that we complement the dresses and kimonos with handmade jewelry from a brand that creates in a way just like she does. I contacted Kragrlica and suggested for their brass jewelry to be worn by the model for the Simple Abalone collection photo shoot. At the second photo shoot, we completed the collection with Lykke necklaces and scented medallions and thus connected several women who create out of love in one beautiful story. In addition, Danijela packs just the right ammount of emotions through words on paper, making the whole experience of opening the package more personal. The excitement of the opening is another little moment that takes us back to the past. Inside of the box there is a personal message and a thank you note printed on a handmade paper of the Moj papir brand, another creative company that combines nature and the zero-waste concept with a personalized approach. The smell that spreads when you open the box comes from the ceramic label on which Danijela has previously applied essential oil, and the idea is to carry the label with you in your bag or to stop and breath with a few drops of your favorite essential oil. The ceramic label was created in collaboration with the artist behind the Studio DDT brand, and the boxes themselves were glued toghether as a theraphy class for the residents of the Rijeka Rehabilitation Center.

When creative individuals who share a vision, values ​​and passion come together – then magic happens!

“The vision of the brand is woven through every creation, through natural materials and handwork, through simplicity, freedom and inclusiveness.,,


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