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Tea Čizmek Mesarić

Tea is one of my dear fellow photographers, the founder of the Mamika blog and a true artist when it comes to words and writing. We met recognizing that we are living in neighbouring cities, which all happened in the chat of a mentoring program. I love connecting, especially with people in the industry to share experiences, learn from each other and ultimately support each other.

We stayed in touch, and on the eve of the first big live event organized by the community of entrepreneurial women – Be Your Own Boss, I went to see Tea in Umag. We finally got to know each other and started preparing for the business photo shoot that we offered to a smaller number of women as part of the first BYOB conference.

As we both share our love for photography, together with other colleagues in the industry, we both agreed to step out of our comfort zone and show ourselves to the world. First in line was Tea.

Instead of hiding behind her own camera, Tea decided to let me indulge her in the creative process in order to create new, fresh, business photos for her brand, through which she would communicate with her audience in the upcoming period. After mini preparations (a glass of rosé and a portion of laughter), we explored the location together. We noticed where the light falls most beautifully, whether we would use an armchair or the sofa, the walls that would serve as backgrounds and what details we could find. All that would support the whole story and convey the desired impression. The beautiful hotel in Istria where we stayed exuded elegance, and the unobtrusive and friendly staff made the whole experience of creation even more pleasant.

Capturing passion with my camera