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Capturing memories


In the studio or on location, I strive for a flexible and informal approach which helps people relax in front of the lens. Communication and connection with people are two factors that I consider as the most important.

Each person, product or service reveals its own story through a unique approach to each individual, and this is what inspires, motivates and stimulates my curiosity to patiently study all the details in order to combine them into a whole and help you present yourself to the world.

My goal is to capture and tell only your unique story. I am here to document the beauty of you or your brand in its own, lively and simple way, while moments “outside the script” are my favorite form of photography.

Personal brand photography

Personal brand photography or lifestyle photography of the brand, services and products shows real-life scenarios where people can use the products and visualize the services offered.

It is about photographing your product and service within a selected and stylized scene, with or without models, in order to introduce the potential customer to the idea of a specific lifestyle or aesthetic promoted by your brand.

Portrait photography

Portrait photography conveys a person’s appearance and character as well as a moment in their life. Regardless of whether it is a business photo for CV and LinkedIn, a presentation on social networks or a spontaneous portrait photo, the establishment of a sincere relationship and trust between the photographer and the subject plays a key role in successfully conveying emotions and character.


Product photography is intended for web, catalog, promotion, social networks. Photography takes place in the studio or at your location. I take care of arranging and stylish product photography with props. Such photos contain details about the product and its features, and the ultimate goal is to encourage the customer to buy the photographed products.

Real estate photo

Momento studio allows you to present your real estate with top-quality photos inspired by the interior of your villa, apartment, office or hotel. Attract attention with night photos of the property, using professional lighting, or show the warmth of the interior in daylight.

I provide real estate photography services throughout Croatia, by agreement, and abroad.

A good snapshot keeps a moment from running away.







real estate

real estate

Capturing memories with my camera